Tuesday 27 July 2021

Are you prepared for business travel resuming?

Peregrine Risk Management Stand: BTSE100
Are you prepared for business travel resuming?
Traveller safety - start to prepare now

For the last 18 months we have been restricted to Zoom and Teams calls but with travel beginning to resume it is now time to start looking at the measures you have in place to protect your people who travel.

At Peregrine Risk Management we understand how vital it is for businesses to keep your people safe while travelling, particularly amongst the challenges of COVID-19 and post-pandemic travel. Whatever the reason is for travel, it is paramount to ensure your travellers and organisation has a robust travel safety programme in place.


Governance:  Design and development of policy and plans that underpin stakeholder ownership, management directives and traveller safety and security

Developing processes for overseas travel is a crucial element  whilst travelling overseas in minimising risk exposure. This is achieved by understanding the threats, developing response plans and procedures, completing pre-travel risk assessments, empowering travellers with accurate information, implementing relevant training and risk mitigation measures. 

Protection: Implementation and management of security and risk management services to protect your people, assets and reputation whilst operating overseas. 

Reaction: Immediate and planned response protocols to minimise impact and risk exposure during an adverse event that either directly, or indirectly, affects your organisation.  

Recovery: Quick resolution can be achieved by initiating incident response, crisis management and business continuity protocols which will enhance organisational resilience. 

So how can you empower your personnel, build resilience for your organisation and ensure travellers receive 24/7 advise and support wherever they are in the world?

Peregrine Risk Management Solutions:

1.     Foresight, our Pre-travel risk assessment platform, enhancing travellers’ safety.

2.     Overwatch, our 24/7 support and tracking tool for complete traveller protection.

3.     Pre-travel advisories & awareness for Females, LGBT, disease & natural disasters.

4.     Safety & security programmes, meeting duty of care needs.

5.     Consultancy and training programmes to support your Risk Management needs.

Visit Peregrine Risk Management on stand BTSE100 at Business Travel Show Europe on 30th Sep- 1st Oct at ExCeL London where our friendly team will be happy to discuss your security & risk management requirements. Register for FREE by clicking here.

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